Friday, December 19, 2008

Totally Random - Eight Things

Jennifer did this, and I thought I would play

Here they are in no particular order

1 Blue colored foods creep me out. Candy, drinks, gum, frosting...anything edible and blue is odd and I won't eat it.

2 I can't stand Jello. I don't trust the way it moves (first person to tell what that is from, I'll send you a prize). Really though, I just don't like it. The taste, texture, any of it.

3 I can not stand folding laundry. I'll sort it, do it, put it away, but I dread folding it.

4 I love to chop onions and garlic. I never said I wasn't odd

5 If I sleep in past 7:30 on the weekends I feel like my whole day is wasted.

6 I was the " VFW Buddy Poppy Queen" in our towns parade when I was like 4.

7 I STILL have the dress I wore in the parade when I was the Poppy Queen.

8 I don't know how to swim. Yep, I live in Florida, 20 minutes from the ocean and I don't know how to swim. Jim keeps telling me I need to take lessons, but I just don't see myself in the little minnows class. I do have some pride.

1 comment:

SweetT said...

Amen on the blue food. Everyone laughs at me b/c I won't eat blue M&M's - I say blue food is un-natural.