Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bake and bake and bake

Remember the post about the baking weekend?

Before I started, I got in all in order:

Apron? Check

Cappuccino? Check

Christmas Music? Check

My baking buddies? Sadly, no check.

I am here, they are there. I would have totally would have been the cool aunt and busted them out of school for it though. OK, probably not, but I would have taken them for the weekend and put them to work. I mean...look at them! They don't need me for too much, they can measure, wash and dry dishes, perfect specimens I tell you!

So, it all began Friday morning and was a full time doing until Sunday night. This was the result:
Sadly, I was not clearly thinking and didn't get any other pictures of the final results, but there were literally hundreds of cookies, and by Tuesday they were all gone.

By the way Mom, I totally get why Mini Nut Tortes were a once a year thing now. (but they are so worth it)


Jennifer P. said...

I love that the results of your labors yielded a whole PILE of stuff! Wow! Lucky friends :)!

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

That was great reading... Love the crackers section!

World market is my favorite home store.

Happy Holidays!