Monday, December 22, 2008

PJ Day - My Holiday Hustle Reward and Carries version on the Night Before Christmas

Just a few days before Christmas
And there was much celebration
Carrie was taking a few days off
Finally, some much needed vacation

The day of nothing was planned
For days ahead she stayed up late
It had been such a long time
Since she had an unscheduled date

It was a day to relax
Nothing left on the list
Shopping - done, cleaning - done
Wrapping, well you get the gist

She could do what she pleased
For she had nothing else left to do
Read a book, take a nap
watch a movie or two

She had scurried and hurried
Giving herself deadlines to meet
Planning ahead to be sure
The holiday crowds she would beat

The packages were shipped
The menu was set
List upon list
So there was nothing to forget

In her PJ's she stayed
Comfy slippers on her feet
A cappuccino was drank
As a mid-morning treat

Seven days were still left
From work she would stay away
She was relaxed and calm
The way she hoped it would stay

For Tuesday again
Was a day to just chill
Get a pedicure, bake a pie
But in that she found thrill

Christmas Eve would come soon
And bring great elation
Jim and Carrie were planning
Gingerbread house creations

While they would miss the Christmas Eves
That had come in the past
Together they would celebrate while eating
Reubens and fries.... oh such class

Then Christmas Day would arrive
And they were hosting a brunch
Carrie had it all planned
There would be no time crunch

The friends would arrive
Great company on Christmas Day
It would help ease the sadness
Of missing friends and family far away

And now as for me
I am off to just sit
Another cappuccino? Perhaps
I think I deserve it

So as you scurry and scamper
And you are out and about
Remember to enjoy and be thankful
That's what it is all about

Take a moment or two
And remember the true reason
We hustle and plan
And celebrate this great season

*Update - Those are my favorite pjs (I love polka dots and I love pjs)
**Update #2 - The day got even better - I got a new crock pot and was taken out to dinner - Red Lobster in fact! Woo Hoo!!!

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Trisha said...

Seriously, is there anything you can't do. Cook,sew, and now your a poet!! It's getting a little ridiculous Carrie:) Your starting to make us all look really bad. J/K! I actually envy your "vacation". Enjoy, and don't forget to watch Elf:)