Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lucky girl, segment #2

I am blessed, touched, and yes...I cried.

Jim and I are not going to Ohio for Christmas this year. The decision was logical and thought out. We went up North for Thanksgiving and well, beyond the reasons we already have for staying here, airfare and a car rental wasn't happening for both holidays.

I have kept myself busier than normal (more on that to come), and surrounded myself with Christmasy fun and so far I am doing good. I do have my moments though. Some sadness is to be expected I would think.

We will not have Alyssa for crazy picture night or to keep us apprised on whats cool (like is it uncool to say cool). Kara won't be there to help me win at games and get super excited over every gift. (pencils to ponies she is excited. the queen of the gift recipients). And without Meredith who will administer CPR to Elmo? I'll definitely miss pretending to forget to get dads annual present. (a trick he never falls for).

The list goes on.

So, imagine my surprise when the doorbell rings and there before me is a box for me. And it just happened to be the day after the great eyelet debacle in my last post.
I nearly ripped into the presents inside, however, being the lady I am I looked for a card or note and found it
The darn picture WOULD.NOT.ROTATE. The letter says
On the first day of Christmas, my true friends sent to me....You are gonna have to wait to find out.
It then went on to say that this was one of FOUR boxes I would be receiving, each containing three gifts. The gifts were labeled with a date to open and began on Saturday the 13th.

My friends just wanted to make sure I knew I was thought of and wanted to send some holiday cheer to Florida. Jealous? Well, they're mine, all mine!
Jessica, Trish, Allison, and Ang...You rock, I love you and miss you all! I am so grateful I can't even say it. I will however, show my gratitude by not re-posting the picture you all hate. Blog readers can see it here and read about these awesome girls.

In case you were wondering:
Here is my day 1-3 loot

#1 12/13/08
Jim is equally excited over this because I can't find it ANYWHERE here in Florida and I threatened to move back to Ohio because of it. It is the key to component to Grandmas recipe for what I like to call little bits of caramel heaven. So, now we can stay AND he gets the yummy stuff.
#2 12/14/08
I love cute holiday socks. And look, he is the PERFECT Florida snowman. He is wearing sunglasses. I actually wore them today

#3 12/15/08
A hand towel. Its hanging on the little holder in the guest bathroom as we speak.

Nine more to go! I am loving this, and them!!!

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