Sunday, February 20, 2011

Picture a day Feb 12th - Feb 18th

February 12th - I love ruffles and frilliness (and making up words like frilliness). I made this flower pin recently.

Feb 13th - Getting ready for Alaska. I like to be an organized traveler. The truth is, travel (planes to be specific) makes me a little nervous, so being organized helps me. Sounds odd, but it's true. Organization calms me. I get teased for my detailed ways, but it works. The binder is sorted and organized by port for our cruise and trip. I can't wait!
Feb 14th - I should call this one pet peeve. Or maybe Nit-Picky Carrie. But, this bothers me. He hangs up his suit pants, his shirt and tie. He lines his shoes up where they belong, but the suit coat ends up here.
Feb 15th - Three ingredients (just 3) = this. Delicious, and amazing shortbread cookies.
Feb 16th - A gift put to good use
Feb 17th - An Office reference and joke to Uncle Jack
Feb 18th - A new game night favorite. So far, it's boys 4, girls 2. They have yet to win at Dominoes or Balderdash, but Sequence is their game (for now)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Picture a day Feb 5th - Feb 11th

Week 6

Feb 5th - My living was taking over by my lovely nieces walking like Egyptians. It was a fun sleep over and a great time for cousins to hang out.

Feb 6th - Before I took the girls home. My darling nieces!

Feb 7th - The battle lines were clearly drawn for the Super Bowl.
Feb 8th - From my pal in Wisconsin.

Feb 9th - From the kids Valentine party. Gage and Trevor. So cute!

Feb 10th - Lunch with Dad. I love the benefits of my Dad being retired. : )

Feb 11th - Who doesn't love a creamsicle martini for their birthday? I celebrated my birthday with Jim and friends over dinner, drinks, and ice cream.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture a Day January 29th - Feb 4th

Week 5

January 29th - I miss this weather. Fall is my favorite.

January 30th - True love. I must start by saying I am a BROWNS fan! My niece, however, misguided as she is, is not. And because I love her dearly I made her some Super Bowl shirts to show her Steelers pride.
January 31st - That's the Steeler lover on the left. And her little sister

Feb 1st - Cagney and Cooper. How cute are they?

Feb 2nd - Days like this make me grateful to get to work from home 3 days a week.
Feb 3rd - Go ahead and judge. It came down today but I had to keep it real and take a picture before I took it down.
Feb 4th - Lyssie always get the cat to do tricks. This one makes it look like Cooper is clapping.