Saturday, February 5, 2011

Picture a Day January 29th - Feb 4th

Week 5

January 29th - I miss this weather. Fall is my favorite.

January 30th - True love. I must start by saying I am a BROWNS fan! My niece, however, misguided as she is, is not. And because I love her dearly I made her some Super Bowl shirts to show her Steelers pride.
January 31st - That's the Steeler lover on the left. And her little sister

Feb 1st - Cagney and Cooper. How cute are they?

Feb 2nd - Days like this make me grateful to get to work from home 3 days a week.
Feb 3rd - Go ahead and judge. It came down today but I had to keep it real and take a picture before I took it down.
Feb 4th - Lyssie always get the cat to do tricks. This one makes it look like Cooper is clapping.

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