Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picture a day January 22nd - 28th

January 22nd - Monkey Bread from our new favorite local shop. This was good, but they Challah Cinnamon Bread and Pecan Scones are absolutly amazing.
January 23rd - I promise January will be the only time I cheat and use old pictures. This is from our weekend trip to New York City. I was practicing with my new lens. I really love this shot.
January 24th - Kara, one of my nieces modeling the scarf she made herself. She was excited to use my sewing machine which I love. I love to be able to share some of the things I enjoy with her.
January 25th - Did you know I am an honorary Canadian? I am - and I love the Montreal Canadiens. GO HABS GO!
January 26th - It's like they were just waiting for their picture to be taken.
January 27th - Again, it's like they were just waiting in the backyard for their picture to be taken.
January 28th - Have you ever had a Cushmans Honeybell? Next January order yourself some. They are delicious. I was so excited when these arrived at our door.

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