Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture a day January 1st - 7th

January 1st - 7th

January 1st - Our tradition continues, four years in a row now. Jim and I make homemade donuts. We use Alton Browns recipe. It is time consuming, but they are wonderful.

January 2nd - Using Jims new French Press and water kettle, with my new dishes for an amazing cup of coffee. Love to put Christmas to good use.

January 3rd - Because some mornings I wake up with a headache. What could possibly happen in my sleep to give me a headache.

January 4th - I am trying to keep it real. This was the state of my kitchen on January 4th. The picture makes me uncomfortable to look at, but once in a while, this is reality here.

January 5th - Cagney. She sleeps like this once in a while, and it always cracks me up.

January 6th - Because some times having a plow clear your driveway has its disadvantages.

January 7th - You have no idea how many shots we took at the Anderson Holiday Party to get to this. If friends are the family you choose, then these are the nieces and nephews we "picked" Aren't they cuties?