Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Good bye ocean

This past weekend Jim and I went to one of our favorite restaurants after a drink at our favorite bar down here. It was fun to share the time together and talk about the fun times we had down here.
Then on Sunday we said goodbye to the ocean. The ocean and beach just 20minutes from our house. I am not a water person (I actually fear the water), but we did have fun relaxing at the beach on the weekends. Some times we wouldn't even go in the water. We would just sit on our lounge chairs and read.

Here are just a few of the pictures I took. My brother will love the last three. I learned to be ok with my feet down here Chucky! Flip flops are a way of life.

Waves coming in. Pretty sky in the background

That's me, and yes I have on a LIGHT sweater. It does actually get chilly down here some days.

Jim says goodbye Florida, and GO Buckeyes!

Jim didn't know I was taking his picture (about 10 of them). He was watching this guy fish from the beach. I think Jim will really miss all the fishing he got to do down here.

One more ocean shot

I kept waiting for a wave to come up. I wanted to get a shot of the water just touching my toes...

Um yeah...not really what I was going for.

And back goes the wave.

PS...I don't really want to say why my brother will like these last few pictures and make fun of me even though I won't be there to hear it. If you look, you can figure it out.


♥ Kathy said...

Is it because of the pink polish? And I don't know why you hate your feet...I think they're cute as far as feet go lol I would just die if I lived that close to the beach and had to leave it.

Dan said...

A foot is a foot is a foot.

Speaking as someone who spent 10 years living on a beach, I find I seldom miss it. Only when it is snowing and then it isn't so much the beach as the warmth. {*grin*}

ManicMandee said...

Cool photos! I hope you don't miss it too much. It looks lovely.

your anways friend said...

I think you need a new post of all the things in Ohio you get to say hello too :=)

Anonymous said...

Really!!! Last update was Jan 6th, gee-whiz!!

Anonymous said...

Helloooo, some people like to follow this & you are slackin.. what up??!!??!!