Sunday, January 3, 2010


We are leaving warm sunny winters, the ocean, and flip flops. In less than one week we will go from tshirts to sweaters, flip flops to boots, and suddenly we will have to remind ourselves to grab a jacket on the way out the door. And here's the thing....we can't wait!

Life brought us to Florida three years ago. We packed it up, said goodbye to family and friends, and started this adventure. We had fun, and I loved the experience. Jim and I grew even closer, and learned new things. About ourselves, and each other.

Now, life brings us back to where we left three years ago. It is the start of another adventure. And this time we can share the adventure with the people we love and missed so much while we were gone.

Florida, thank you for the memories. We will visit, this is a guarantee.
Ohio, thanks for taking us back.


ManicMandee said...

Congrats Carrie! I hope it goes well for you guys. So I take it you got a job there or what?

And about your freaky anonymous comment from your December post...I got that on my blog recently too. I had to put the annoying "word verification" thing back on to try and prevent junk like that from happening. Bummer.

♥ Kathy said...

Good luck on the move...I hope it all goes smoothly