Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picture a day January 15th - 21st

I am recycling some pictures again this week since I waited to start A Picture a Day.

January 15th - I took this while on our trip to New Orleans. I have had people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them Jim and I celebrate St Nick Day. This is my proof that it's for real.

January 16th - Flashback to November. Alton Brown was at the Food Show in Cleveland. We got tickets and got to see him. It was amazing. I love Alton and was so excited to see him.
January 17th - Back to New Orleans.
January 18th - Doesn't that look yummy. Dippers for chocolate fondue.
January 19th - Cooper that Cat is hiding under that hat. She likes to tuck herself up in blankets to sleep. I guess a Santa Hat works too
January 20th - Pretty isn't it. My glorious new dishes. I love them. Jim did an amazing job picking them out.
January 21st - My nephew hung out and spent the night. Fun evening with him.