Thursday, October 16, 2008

Writers Workshop Wednesday

This week was tough for me. Really tough. I struggled with what to choose and how to write about it. And even still, I don't think its my best work. It was a tough week for me.
  • I don't really recall anything I did in my like to really get noticed.
  • I don't like playing the rearrange your life game. Mainly because I try to enjoy what life is now for all that it is. And I really believe that changing one thing, changes lots of other things, and then you are on a slippery slope. I know I know, its just a writing idea, but still I am just making my point.
  • I wish someone told me....I don't know about that one. I don't look back and think that there was something I really should have known. The few things I do think of are kind of sad, and I am not in a sad place.
  • What do you love to create.
So, here I am. #4 it is

Have you ever baked someone a birthday cake?
Taken a casserole to a friend or neighbor who is a little under the weather?
Handed a co-worker a plate of fresh cookies?

Do you remember their reaction?
I do, all of them. Every single one...

I remember being excited when random co-workers would stop by the department to see what was fresh baked for them to snack on.
I hold on to the thank you note from a friend who was grateful I dropped off dinner after her and her husband brought home their new baby.
I take pride in hearing people say "You should open your own bakery"
I smile ear to ear when Jim's co-workers call me the cupcake lady

I would say that I love to create food and that is this absolute truth, but you can't take away from the feelings and memories tied to it.
You may eat your cupcake and go about your day never thinking of it again. And that's fine, but I enjoy knowing that maybe for just a minute, I made someone a little happier.
That something I created, something I worked on made a difference. Even that difference was just a short lived sugar rush.


Lex the mom said...

This is a wonderful post & I can relate about knowing for a moment that something I baked/cooked made someone happy. Even if it's just for a minute!

Sometimes I gift Christmas cookies for family - that is very rewarding! Especially with all the hear that's put into their creation.

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, what a great post.
I wish I could bake..
I am terrified of the kitchen and the appliances lurking within..

Michelle said...

That is a great post and so true! I have a recipe for Pumpkin bread that the girls in my troop love. They all get so excited when I make it for them.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Last year for christmas I spent 18 hours or so (no really 18 hours) baking dozens of different kinds of cookies and breads. I wrapped up 10 different huge gift baskets to give out to friends, family and co-workers. It was great seeing the looks on their faces and knowing that it was gift from the heart.

Brandy said...

Aww thats really sweet I never really thought about it that way.

Becky said...

I love to bake too. I make 100s of cookies at Christmas and give them to everyone!

AFRo said...

You should be proud honey. Some of us out there are baking incompetent. I got all excited last Christmas and thought I'd bake up all kinds of stuff... ended up throwing out the first three batches that I put together... from scratch because they tasted horrible! I gave up eventually. My hat is off to you.

Karen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog on Thursday :-)

I got up at 5am this morning, to bake cupcakes for the 2nd Grade class that I volunteer in.

It was worth it, later on in the day, as they all tucked in.

It's a school that draws kids from a low income area and many of the kids never get treats like this.

Tiffany said...

Such a sweet post.. literally!

I am not a great baker, so I really appreciate people with that talent.... especially if their is a kind thought behind the treats!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Another original answer! I love this. And I know very few people like you who can bake and bake WELL. And I LOVE them. :) You people no the way straight to my heart!!