Monday, October 6, 2008

More pictures from above post (happy birthday to mom)

OK - I take that back two complaints: A mullet AND a purple and pink striped skirt. Seriously? She would say I am exaggerating, but take a look people. This is one of two family pictures I found of us. This was 1987, I was just about to turn ten. The other is 1991 (or 92), and I was sporting the puffy bangs us girls all loved (a french braid my have even been involved), courtesy of my big barrel curling iron, so either choice left room for me to be teased. My moms entire family (brothers, sisters, spouses and kids - I think there were just 20 of us then) got together for a family Christmas in January at my grandparents house in Michigan (I don't recall it happening another time - there are six kids in my moms family, spread around the states), and if notice my then twelve year old brother and his buddies did something crazy to their hair the day before we left for the trip and family photo. My parents were less than thrilled. And for the record, my dad rarely smiles in pictures but he is a happy man!

My brother (who is now just Chuck, but I still call Chucky - he is a junior and growing up dad was Chuck and my bro was Chucky), for the record he will hold you down and do that thing where you let spit hang down over you if you mention the Chucky movies to him.

Jim and me on our honeymoon. This is Oxford on our first leg of a two week trip to England.

Jim and me in May 2006 on our trip to the Riviera Maya.


Jennifer P. said...

Such cute pictures! You look so happy in this last one!

You can only download 5 photos at a time. But as soon as they're downloaded, then you just do the next 5. You can keep them in the same post. BUT you have to load everything in the opposite order of what you want it to post. Hope that helped..... It took me a long time to figure it out myself :)!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Carrie's mom!!! Carrie - I can only imagine how much you miss her. I feel like I know her. You have turned into an amazing woman who has had to deal with your fair share, and I think she would be so proud!! (and I think your oatmeal butterscotch are perfect!!) Next time warn me before you get all sappy with the music! Love ya!

ckrae said...

Love the picture Carrie Ann. I am sure she is laughing out loud and saying something like "what was I thinking dressing her like that. The length of that skirt!!!!! Come on.