Sunday, October 5, 2008

Recipe for a perfect weekend - may bore others, was wonderful for me

What a way to cheer a girl up!

  • Sleep in until 7:45
  • Surf the internet
  • Make list for Jo-Ann Fabrics
  • Put on a pot of coffee for still sleeping hubby
  • Head off to shop for fabric for Christmas presents
  • Stop at Dunkin Donuts for a medium decaf coconut coffee with cream. So yummy (the blueberry is good too, and the toasted almond, I could go on)
  • Spend a really really long time pouring off the fabric options
  • Leave store and drive home
  • Embrace the Florida version of fall like weather - Steady rain and a low of 72*. Which with the rain, felt like 71*
  • Stop at grocery store (have I mentioned my love for grocery shopping -seriously)
  • Love that Publix has a covered drive up so I don't get soaked putting groceries in car (still missing Giant Eagle, but appreciating the little things)
  • Beat up the teenage boy that said, "Not to worry MAAM, I'll watch your cart while you go get the car" Um....I am being a bit sarcastic, but I'm 31 -hardly a maam, still he was being polite
  • Get home, put on a pot of chili -No, not cuz its "cold", but because there is college football to watch
  • Realize that I can save my back by using the island in the kitchen as a cutting spot as opposed to the dining room table, which is much lower than the island- BRILLIANT!!!
  • Read my new Rachael Ray magazine
  • Eat yummy chili topped with sour cream, cheese, and Fritos
  • Have pumpkin pie ice cream for dessert - that tastes amazingly just like pumpkin pie
  • Watch Ohio State beat Wisconsin - WOO HOO
  • Enjoy a homemade latte with Jim
Sunday (if you're bored, sorry - it was a great weekend for me)
  • Get up, make breakfast
  • Hubby knows I need some serious cheering up
  • Above hubby takes me shopping
  • Stop at Sonic after shopping - Cherry Limeade is high up on the list of ways to my heart
  • Take an afternoon nap - rare, but nice
  • Jim makes dinner - Tries to duplicate the Wake and Bacon, does a fine job. Oh Melt, how I miss you so.
  • Watch Amazing Race
  • I win bet with co-worker from this post. In only the second week. Technically the first week, since we always watch a week and then pick. Victory is so sweet.
  • Watch Brothers and Sisters. Oh how I love the Walker family
  • Check on apple butter I made (have to taste it, then I'll post). Looking good so far.
  • Type up my post.
  • Head off to bed.


Maranda Marie Burke said...

Sounds like you had an amzing weekend:) Gotta love the Walkers

Tammy (Mom to this crazy bunch) said...

Sounds like the perfect kind of weekend to me...
Personally, I have always enjoyed any young man who is polite enough to call a lady "ma'am".

Jennifer P. said...

That sounds like THE perfect weekend! Lucky you!