Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma (Oct 10th)

Happy Birthday Grandma (she is the one we call Grandma Foxy)

Five Fun Foxy Facts
  1. She loves to tell the story of the time I ripped her houseplant right out of its planter (to my defense, I was a just a baby)
  2. She warms your plate before serving dinner. "You don't put hot food on a cold plate"
  3. She makes the best salsa and strawberry jam you will ever eat.
  4. She participates in the Relay for Life Event for The American Cancer Society Every Year
  5. She is an amazing, kind, caring woman who I love, adore, and think of every day (often more than once)
  6. She once exclaimed "Carrie is by far my favorite grandchild"

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Jennifer P. said...

Happy Birthday Carrie's grandma! Any woman that warms a dinner plate is a true class act!