Monday, November 24, 2008

What not to say/do installment #2

Dear man flipping me off and yelling at me as I pulled to the side of the road -

Here's the thing - I am from Ohio, but I am pretty sure the rules on this are the same everywhere. When an emergency vehicle with sirens blaring and lights a blazing is coming down the road, you pull over to the side.
Its common courtesy, I believe even the law. My brother is a fireman so I'll double check with him. Yeah, my brother is cooler than yours.
I realized moments later why you were in such a rush as I saw you pull into Burger King. The nerve of that person in the back of that ambulance to get between you and your flame broiled goodness.


Christina Marie said...

I HATE when people do that!! It's a huge pet peeve of mine - what if that was MY family member on the verge of life or death????
The last line of the blog is cgrat though - it made me LOL.

Christina Marie said...

ok - "cgrat" is supposed to be "great". I should have proofed it first!