Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lucky girl

I am blessed. This I know. I posted recently about some amazing friends I have. Today, I post about family.
I was fortunate enough to have parents that love me, a brother that loves and usually likes me, and extended family that I know I would be lost without. I have nieces and nephews and cousins galore, aunts, uncles and grandparents that I am pretty confident would move mountains if I needed them to. And I didn't even have to "find" them. I was just blessed with them as family.
When I married Jim in 2002, I didn't just become some "in law". I married into a family. A family that welcomed me from day one. I am even pretty sure I am now Grandpa Andersons favorite.
So many times we go about our lives knowing what we need and who we count on is just there. A phone call, email, or plane ride away. It sometimes takes a scare, or moment of pain to appreciate who and what you are a part of. I recently posted asking for prayers and wishes for my Grandpa. He is doing improving, and after I arrive in Ohio, we will be making a trip to Michigan to visit him and my Grandma. I am eager to see them, and prayers, thoughts, and well wishes are still welcome and appreciated.
If you would like to take a few minutes of your day to meet a part of my amazing family, grab a cup of coffee and take a peek. This is the Sovas. My moms side of the family. I will introduce you to the Smalleys, the Andersons, and Richmonds soon. Take care and take a moment to remember the blessings you have. Even in the downs of family dynamics, there is something and someone to appreciate, cherish, and be grateful for.

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