Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dear Pepperidge Farm

It's 9:00, do you know where all your bread is?

Well, I do.

I located all 786 loaves of bread. I considered myself an expert on knowing how many items are in a container. Why, you ask? Well, it just so happens, I have won not one, but two guess how many jelly beans are in the jar contests. That ought to count for something.

So take a look..... click on it if you want a closer shot

That's ALL bread. Loaves and loaves of bread. Is there some weird form of trick or treating I missed here in Florida? Is someone starting an anti Atkins diet? Imagine if you toasted all that bread and made it into stuffing in the back of that truck. How big of turkey would you need to actually stuff the turkey with all that stuffing? I digress...
This just struck me as odd. And gave me another reason to carry my camera with me at all times. This is from my phone, and it isn't the greatest. Of course I was so nervous the guy was gonna catch me taking it, it wouldn't have mattered anyhow.


Trisha said...

My question is, how tight are the bags tied because it looks like it was raining? And good thing that guy didn't catch you because if he was crazy enough to steal all that bread, who KNOWS what he wouldn't done to you!!!!!

Kendall said...

Its actually a volunteer inthe Seagull emergency famine relief project.. bless him.;-)

ManicMandee said...

That is SOOOOO Funny! How I wish I knew the true story behind this.