Thursday, April 17, 2008


Whoa - I just took dork to a whole new level with that one.
Here are some blogs and sites I love. You will also find them under my favorites below the blog archive.

Cookie Madness - Anna was the 2006 Pillsbury Bake off winner and makes a cookie a day. I'm very jealous. Seriously!

Crockpot 365 - Stephs new years resolution is to use the crockpot everyday in 2008. She is funny and I have made two of her recipes so far. I just love the crockpot

Cupcake Project - Stefs offer to make cupcakes for a friends wedding turned in to a really neat site with yummy (sometimes, how do i say it - odd) ideas and lots of helpful tips. Its amazing the ideas she comes up with.

AllRecipes - Great site. Recipe users rate the recipes and comment. Read through some of the reviews before making a recipe - lots of tips and some changes to help make the recipe just right.

FoodNetwork - Do I really need to elaborate?

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Stef said...

Thanks for the mention! Great list of sites. I love the crock pot site as well!