Thursday, July 2, 2009

I'll be happy when...

Prompt is courtesy of Kathy and writers workshop

Is it considered cheating to say I am already happy?
It's true you know.

Then again, I'll be happier when...
  • The tile floor that takes up 85% of our house mops itself
  • The same tile floor sweeps itself first. First with the broom, then with the Swiffer.
  • The tile floor teaches the area rug to self clean
  • Our cat Cagney brushes herself daily
  • I can have a golden sun kissed glow without sun, either real or artificial
  • My husband musters the strength to place the TP on the actual holder.
  • The Dunkin Donuts staff stop asking me "and sugar" when I say "decaf toasted almond coffee with cream only please". I know it's silly, but it bothers me.
  • People stop saying irregardless. I am sure it's listed in some dictionary, but it's really not a word, it's redundant and in my opinion a double negative. The less in regardless makes it a negative (without regard or not taking into account). So wouldn't irregardless mean NOT without regard. Either way you look at it, it's redundant.
  • Giada and I spend an afternoon getting manicures (have I ever mentioned I love her nails), having lunch and cooking together.
  • Alton Brown joins us for dessert
  • Ina, Duff, and Tyler stop for some coffee.
  • They all chat and realize I am just need some fine tuning, talk to the Food Network and give me my own show.
  • My brother decides that Melt just isn't the same without me and stops going unless I am in town
  • West Palm Beach and Cleveland are in the same county, in the same state.
  • Bacon becomes a health food
Its a good thing I am a happy, lucky girl already!


June Freaking Cleaver said...

I don't have cable, I miss Alton Brown! I loved the geeky side of cooking.

Unknown Mami said...

"Irregardless" drives me batty!

Casey said...

Good post! I enjoyed reading your list, and you're right about irreguardless.

Anonymous said...

Your right, Melt isnt the same without you. Its just one of those brother things to laugh hysterically at your profanity filled replies to the pic messages I send you from there. LMAO now just thinking about them. ;) Yes, your big bro does read your blog. SHHH dont tell anyone! They might think Im nice or something.....