Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's writers workshop time!

This week I picked two of the prompts from Mama Kats Writers Workshop.
# 3 - Tell us about Grandpa and #5 - Three things we want to know about you

#3 - Grandpa

I told you about one of my Grandpas last week on his birthday. This week I will tell about my other Grandpa, known as Papa Jerry. He passed away in May, and I have struggled with the loss since. I miss him very much and still feel guilt for not being there in his final moments and for being in Florida for the last two years away from him and my grandma. Here is my way of telling a little bit about a one of a kind, amazing man.

  • Letting me "drive" when I was little
  • $2 allowance every week (for doing nothing)
  • Werthers candies with every birthday gift
  • Pretending to be mad when I "stole" his peppermint candies
  • Letting me comb his hair..mohawks, barrettes, and spikes were just a few styles
  • Lollipops stocked in the secret desk drawer at all times
  • The handmade tv stand
  • Neon golf balls (and white ones too) stored in egg crates. Lots and lots of golf balls
  • He insisted on wearing jeans even laying in the hospital bed
  • The customary hey little lady greeting
  • Buying me the pogo ball when Dad said no
  • Buying me just about anything when Dad said no
  • Making sure Moms resting place was always clean, pretty, and had flowers
  • Friday night Fish dinners at the Moose
  • Breakfasts at Choo Choos
  • He always had a pen and notebook in his front shirt pocket
  • A gentle giant
  • Always taking care of Grandma who misses him so (married for 62 years)
  • Treating my mom, his daughter in law, like his own.
  • Always feeling safe in his presence.
It's a small small list of just a few of the little things that added up to one amazing, larger than life man. I am beyond lucky to have had such an amazing man for a grandfather.

Love you lots Papa Jerry! Missing you very much

# 5
Three things you might want to know about me

Here goes

1) Even at 32, I am still a little scared of the dark. When Jim travels I leave a light on when I go to bed. Because no one can come into the house and attack me if there is a light on....right?

2) A year ago I took up sewing and now I am obsessed.
I bought the sewing machine on a whim. I was buying fabric to re-upholster a chair and a woman was buying fabric to make a purse. She told me how easy it was, and then pointed to my purse and told me I could definitely make a similar purse with ease. One week later, I bought a beginners sewing book and a sewing machine. I have made purses, aprons, skirts, quilts, hot pads and more. I love it!

3) I wear my heart (and every other emotion) on my sleeve.
I cry when I am happy. I cry when I am sad. I laugh at my own jokes. When I am happy, or sad, or angry, it shows. I spent a long time trying to change it, thinking it was a negative. As an adult, and through my family, friends, and hubby I have realized that it's just a part of who I am. It is one of the things that makes me, well me. They like me (usually), I like me, and at the end of the day that is good enough for me.


ckrae said...

You are an amazing "little lady" and by far his "favorite Grandchild". Never change. We want Carrie to be Carrie. thank you so much for being you.
With all my heart
and by far MFN

monica said...

What an amazing man your grandpa sounded like. What great words to honor him! Very cool about the sewing...I am also starting to get back into sewing and crafts, now that I have a little bit of time. Stopping in from Mama Kats.

blueviolet said...

Is there just something extra magical about grandparents? He sounds just wonderful!

I stopped over from Mama Kat's.

Dan said...

I have always been happy that I got to know both my grandparents and great-grandparents. They are such special people in our lives.

Thanks for dropping by.

Summer said...

That is so sweet!!! I miss my grandpas....but I love seeing my kids with theirs. It's such an amazing relationship.

Los said...

I never knew either of my grandfathers ... one died about 5 years before I was born, and the other died shortly after I was born ... I think I missed out ... maybe they did too.