Thursday, July 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Papa

Although I could have thought of better ways for him to spend the day yesterday, I hope it was a happy one nonetheless .

A few fun Papa Mitt tidbits...

  • He can teach anyone to play cribbage, and never gets frustrated. He may even let you win
  • He can filet a fish in record time...and make it look pretty. This may not seem that glorious, but it's impressive to watch
  • He is an example of the kind of man I looked for to be my husband
  • He always seems to have a toothpick in his mouth
  • He drove 7 hours each way from Michigan to Ohio more times that I can remember to be with my mom (his second child) when she was sick. He is also an example of the father I hope Jim is one day
  • He likes to play dress up (see below)
  • He too once exclaimed "Carrie is by far my favorite grandchild" :) (which may change after he sees the picture below)
Happy Birthday Papa Mitt! I love you and miss you!


Heather said...

Hearing that you are the favorite is the best thing a grandparent can say! Lucky U! I love the pic. How funny. Happy B-day to your papa!

Ashley said...

Hi, You don't really know me but I was browsing PW's site and noticed your comment on what you fight for. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone, I fight the exact same battle with every one of my friends, seems like every day.

I keep believing though, because without hope I don't know what I would do.

Take care and be blessed.

Feel free to browse my blog or e-mail me anytime you need someone to vent to.

ManicMandee said...

How sweet! Is that first photo at your wedding?