Monday, June 15, 2009

No Iron, No Cry

Dear any shirt manufacturer that makes a non no-iron shirt:

Perhaps you don't iron. Or its just that you since you are crazy rich shirt manufacturers you have someone else iron your non no iron shirts, leaving you ignorant to the difficulties involved.
Maybe its just some sick twisted game you play. You like the non no-iron shirt. You revel in how wrinkled it is even if you pull it out of the washing machine the moment it stops it's cycle. You sit back and cackle at the fact that it seems as if someone purposely snuck into the wash and manually put thousands upon thousands of wrinkles in the shirt. I bet you sit around a table eating fancy catered lunches cracking up about how some poor sweet wife irons the front of a sleeve only to put those wrinkles back in the shirt once she irons the back. It's mean how you have no regard for the kind sweet wife who spends 30 minutes of her day getting that shirt nice and crisp. The stock price for Magic Sizing probably soared as I ironed that shirt, spraying it over and over. You two are probably in cahoots. You should be ashamed!

Then again, what idiot buys a non no-iron shirt anyhow?


ManicMandee said...

Cute post Carrie! I hate ironing. HATE it. I think I iron on average one item twice a year.

Jennifer P. said...

I iron more of my kids perler bead projects than I do clothes. I think iron clothes should be done away with like dirty diapers :)

Heather said...

Luckily we don't wear much of anything that needs ironed. This sounds like a terrible issue.