Sunday, January 11, 2009

What not to say, installment #3

Dear Rudy McRuderson Pharmacist at Super/Department Store with a pharmacy -

I would first like to note that I am fully aware of the fact that I am responsible for ensuring that my prescription refills don't run out. I however, like all of us have had a lot going on and simply didn't realize that I had no refills. Moving on.....

I am well aware that keeping up to date on my refills is my responsibility. I understood it both the first, second, and yep even the third time you said it. I also understood when you reworded it and instead stated "I mean, we can't keep track of 100's of customers refills, that is up to the customer." The funny thing is, you in fact CAN keep track. After all, if you couldn't keep track then how would you be standing there telling me I had none? Hmmmmmmmm? Ok, ok, I am nit-picking here, I get your point.

Now that we have established it's my fault not yours lets examine further.

What really bothered me is this: When I asked you for two pills to get me through the weekend, your response was as follows: (And, you have to picture this as you read. Head shaking, tilted to the side with her lips pursed)
"Mmmmm, Sorry maam, but we actually don't give out drugs to people when they don't have a prescription."

Let's dissect
1 Is there a mouse in your pocket? Cuz I am looking behind the counter and I don't see anyone else there with you, which makes me question the "we".
2 If by we, you mean the company you work for, then really all you need to say is "It's against our policy to do that." I wouldn't put my job on the line by breaking a rule for some flake that forgot to get her prescription refill updated either. I have a job, I get rules ok! Instead you make it seem like I am trying to get you to give some crazy drug to get me through to my next fix.
3 Am I exhibiting drug seeking behaviors? Is it the brown loafers and 3/4 length Old Navy Shirt that gave me away?
4 Give out drugs? I am asking for two synthroid tablets. Um, in case you forgot that is synthetic thyroid. Since my thyroid is lazy and doesn't work on it's own, that little pill get's it moving. Yeah, seriously! I am not looking for vicodin or codeine. I am not even asking for a case of the Claritin they keep behind the counter. And last I checked the young crazy kids aren't selling it on the street and Ren McCormack isn't passing it around right before he and his crazy cohorts convince Reverend Moore to let them have a prom.

I get it, I totally get it. I was an idiot for not paying attention, but shame on you for making me feel like and idiot and a pill seeker. Honestly, I felt dirty and a little ashamed of myself when I left. Now I have to go groveling back to CVS and hope he will take me back. I only left CVS becuase it was easy to grab my prescription while I was there at your mega store buying other things. I should have know better than to leave CVS, I should've known!

And in honor of the mention above, here you go...


ManicMandee said...

Beautiful. I loved this! Thanks for the laugh.

Heather said...

This is the reason I left the mega/super store with a pharmacy. If I forget that my prescription has run out, my local downtown small pharmacy will just go ahead and call my doctor for me, or go ahead and give me 1 more month. I never have to worry about my prescription running out. I love my little pharmacy. (Even Mr. Grumpy Pants, who never seems to be happy. Maybe he should 'borrow' one of my 'happy pills'.)

TuTu's Bliss said...

LOL brain fog is one of the symptoms of hypothyroid so your lapse is justified. My Doc and pharmacy know that this and two kids are a recipe for "Oops, I forgot". My pharmacy will just give my doctor a ring and POOF. I have her email now too. Shame on you for seeking that thyroid high. Be honest, you wanted to double dose for a little tachychardia/ thyroid high ;). Living on the edge, you rebel!

Heather said...

p.s. I have something for you on my blog. :D

Mikki Black said...

I remember the day that I shamefacedly dragged myself back to CVS. I brought flowers and chocolates so they wouldn't feel bad, but they scoffed. They were all like, "What? You went waaaaay out of your way to aisle 3 on the way back? Gimme that Rx and count yourself lucky I don't tell your mom!"

Good times.