Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cake Decorating

Recently I started taking a cake decorating class at the local Michaels. It is offered through Wilton and I have had a lot of fun so far. The only part that hasn't been fun is the discovery of how icing is made (at least for this course). It is shortening and powdered sugar. Plus a few teaspoons of fake clear vanilla. Don't get me wrong, a little bit is great. But Crisco and powdered sugar.....on top of cake. Yikes! Oh well, it still looks pretty.
Here are the results are the first three weeks.
Rainbow - Class 1
We learned how to use piping gel to transfer an image to the cake and then fill it in.
Cupcakes - Class 2
Please note that the clowns were part of the weekly project. I find them odd and a little creepy, and would never present someone I liked even a little with a cupcake with a clown on top of it. The one in the middle is not deformed - he is suppose to be laying down with his head on his hands. You know the typical class of 95 senior picture pose.
Flower Cake - Class 3
This is the grand finale of course 1 (there are three). I think I did pretty well on this one. I made the cake as a layer cake. I made chocolate cake and used Oreo pudding as the center between the two layers. It was very good once you scraped off about 2/3 of the frosting.

I have been thinking of making a "family tree" cake for my family reunion in July. By July, I will have all three course completed. Just Al and Kate and their kids though. The entire family would require more cakes than I care to think about and I think I would clog an artery just buying that amount of Crisco for the frosting. Plus - I would be piping curly hair til then end of time.

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