Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Carrie...through the years.

Totally random and not at all food or craft related. Fun just the same.
Thanks to Mamas Losin It for a good laugh! Try it out yourself. Its quite fun.

1962 do you accomplish this hairdo?
Sadly, my hair would really look like this if it weren't for lots product and time. Florida humidity is not a friend to my hair
Lots of Aqua Net


Caren said...

I found you on Mama Kat's blog and when you said no one reads your blog I had to come over and comment because I feel the same way! I recently did a really nice post with some cute pictures of The Son and the only one who commented was my sister! It's frustrating isn't it?

Anyway, I love these styles through the years. I tried to do mine but they didnt' come out as nicely as yours because my original picture had too much hair in it! ha ha! I'll have to try again.

I'll book mark your blog and come back again soon, you have some great ideas. The crayon holder is really cute!

Have a great day and come check my blog out when you have a chance!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Awwww, see look at that...Caren is reaching out to you! :) No comments can be frustrating, but writing is a great outlet. Keep doing what you're doing and people will come.

The key to getting a handful of readers is to comment comment comment. People will come back to you I promise!

ps 1962 is priceless!

Keep It Classy, Jen said...

Saw you on MamaKat's love the yearbook pics too funny!!!

Rhonda said...

Also saw you on MamaKat's comments! Just keep up the comment love, and people will come!

And that top one actually looks great on you!!! lol

Jennifer P. said...

Hey! Did you steal that 1990 hairdo from me :)?!

I loved reading about your pillow and blankie! Those have been fun to read from everyone who took the challenge! I'll have to get on board for next Wednesday---I like when people TELL me what to write!

Now off to check out some of your yummy recipes!