Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost in Translation

Jim and I are planning a vacation. Part of the trip will be spent in Paris. We are both excited, and recently ordered a phrase book so that we could communicate in French. I won't be able to speak fluently, but I think its respectful to at least order a coffee and say how ya doing.
The phrase book arrived the other day and I decided to flip through and get started. As I was flipping through I noticed a few unusual phrases. It made me think, "Who in the honk would need to say this in any language, let alone a tourist just trying to get by using a foreign language?"

Here are a few examples of the phrases I am speaking about:

I am married but...
Um, really? Now this one isn't that odd, but I find it unnecessary to need this phrase. I mean, if you are buying a phrase book, you probably aren't going to carry on long conversations with singles. So, what do you just walk up to someone in a club and say "I am married but...."

Do you want to arm wrestle?
Seriously? This made me laugh out loud. Perhaps instead of the customary nod that guys use in the US to greet each other, the French arm wrestle. Or maybe the way you tell a chef the meal was spectacular is by challenging them to an arm wrestling contest. Thoughts?

I only eat insects
OK..this one is plain strange. Perhaps if you were an American frog this would come in handy. Otherwise, when would you ever need to know this phrase? Lets think about this, when was the last time you said to someone "I only eat insects"? I get "I am a vegetarian", "I am allergic to garlic", etc. But I only eat insects. That one baffles me

Did someone fart?
OK, sorry if this one is offensive to anyone. But here is the thing: We wonder why we get a bad rap as tourists, and I think I figured out why. We travel to other countries, can't ask for directions, but go around asking if they farted.

I am really excited for our vacation. I just hope I don't think I am ordering a latte and end challenging Jim to a duel with a local


♥ Kathy said...

Have fun!

Kendall said...

Too funny... did you order that book from Spencer gifts online or what!

Heather said...

Hopefully you don't get Hi, How ya doin' mixed up with Did somebody fart. That is all just too funny. Sounds like a great little trip!

Lace said...

Oh no! Boy and I are F.I.N.E. FINE! :) That was actually a recollection of everything that happened with McDreamy. I do still feel badly about letting him go because I know his feelings were hurt and his heart was in it. It's strange to feel so happy with the way things are going but to still feel badly about the way things went, you know?

Thank you for your sweet concern though :) Boy & I are peachy!

Mama Kat said...

It makes me wonder what is in THEIR phrase books when they come visit us.

"Where is McDonald's??"

Trisha said...

Your hilarious Carrie!!!!!!!

ckrae said...

Are you going to Paris, Michigan, Wisconsin or Ohio. Cuz I know they don't speck french there. HaHaHa :-)
Have a terrific time. Send me a post card.
Love ya

ckrae said...

That should be speak not speck. sorry

ckrae said...

I think LACE is on the wrong blog!!!!!! What do you think??

Carrie said...

No, Lace was replying to my comment. I was quite concerned over one of he posts.

btw...Is Jim tricking me? He never specified Paris France? Hmmmmm