Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where in the world is Carrie

Want some clue on where I was?

Were you all wondering? Did you miss me?

Well, the truth is, first I went on vacation. I needed it...really really needed it. And it was - AMAZING!

OK, I am sure you give up.

Maine, and then Cape Cod. We stayed with friends who fed us well, let us kick back and relax, and were the most amazing hosts. I would highly recomend getting some friends in these areas. I would rent our friends to you if you would like. Be warned though, you will get use to the treatment and the snap back to reality isn't fun.


Jennifer P. said...

I DID wonder where you'd gone to I did! I was hoping no major tragedy had befallen you---I guess the only tragedy is that the vacation is over :)!

Looks like an AMAZING time. I LOOOOOOOVE Cape Cod! Glad you're back!

Emily said...

OH how I love Maine. It looks like a blast!